Sunday, September 26, 2010

Banners, Vid Trailers, Other Marketing Foofarah

From my observations, it seems that I've been remiss. I have not made banners for my books, produce a video book trailer (yikes!), or done all the other stuff I'm supposed to do to promote my literary endeavors.

Here's the deal. I don't know what I should promote. My modus operandi is that I query a new book to a few agents. Nothing happens, so I try a couple or so publishers. If that doesn't bear fruit, then I self-publish. Now, this is something I'm pretty good at doing. I can format like a son-of-gun. I can even produce a reasonably okay book cover. Then I put the thing through CreateSpace and let 'er ride into Amazon. Ebook format it and it goes to Smashwords and I upload to Kindle.

There. My books are available for the readers to snap up as desired. After that? Well, if I'm not getting any word of mouth, then my book must not be something others want to read.

I waver. Maybe I should spend my life doing marketing. But wait! I hate marketing.  Some days, I'm all gung ho and posting like a maniac. Other days I just say screw it.

So, here's my book publicity deal for this week. Buy my stupid books for a lousy $1 at Smashwords. The links and coupon codes are over there in the sidebar. Tomorrow is the last day, so that's it until I decide to whip my back with barbed wire again. Maybe next month.

Don't want to buy? That's okay with me. Guess what? I'll buy your book if you buy mine. Send me a copy of the receipt from where you purchased any of my books and a link to yours. Guaranteed sale. Won't spend a buck on publicity? You must be just like me.

There. Marketing task checked off for the week.


  1. Best marketing any writer can get is to have people review their books. That will sell more copies than anything else...

  2. Yo, J! Thanks for stopping by.

    I see you've been mostly working on Ephemeris, so I'm out of the loop there. I do have some older reviews I can revive if needed. You have my email addy, so let me know if a repost is in order.

  3. Yeesh! I already have all your books. Loved them too. I don't know why they are not being snatched up at the price.
    Isn't marketing fun?
    Yikes, don't smack me.