Friday, September 10, 2010

MuseItUp Bookstore Now Open for Business

My own book (a murder/suspense set in eastern Oregon) won't be out for a few months, but the shiny, new, secure MuseItUp books stores is now open for business. Be patient. Kinks and quirks may still exist. I do have a story in the Free Reads section. Look for "The Hunter," a much darker tale than my mystery, but it still gives you an idea of my writing.

Here is the notice from Lea Schizas, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer:

Like a kid at Christmas I'm really excited to announce that the MuseItUp Bookstore is now launched. We have six releases out and each month we'll have more and more. (Be sure to include the s on the http for secure entry)

If you join our readers group you have a chance to be one of our monthly Free ebook winners:

All you have to do is join our discussions, ask our authors questions, and participate in our games and fun, that's it.

On behalf of all the authors at the MuseItUp mainstream house and MuseItHOT house, I want to thank you for sharing our good news.

Lea Schizas
Romance Erotica

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