Thursday, September 02, 2010

Seek the Truth and Ye Shall Find

It disturbs me that I get various and sundry emails from my less enlightened relatives claiming all sorts of right-wing blather about liberals, Obama, Democrats (not the same thing as liberals), immigration, Ground Zero mosques (there aren't any planned), etc. etc. etc.

I would like to remind people that there is an excellent source of TRUTHFUL information covering just about all those no-nothing, small-minded lies from people who just pass along crap when they get it in their in-box.

Try Snopes to find out the truth of the matter before you send me an email. I WILL look at Snopes and, if you're wrong, I will consider you to be a Neanderthalic ignoramous. Would you care what I think of you? Probably not since you seem completely unable to bend yourself away from your neo-con, Tea Party mindset.

Hey! Try it out. You might just find you're right. Unlikely, but there's always a snowball's chance in hell.

Check for the truth at


  1. Marva, this post is such a relief to read. I posted something similar recently, asking "Where are the crazy, extremist liberal emails? How come I never get any of those?" Do you ever feel like you're living in an asylum? And it's not just weirdo strangers. A family member actually posted this on her Facebook wall (just before I clicked "hide"): "Beck/Palin 2012". Holy #!*#@!'g CRAP!!!!!

  2. All I want is the truth and I'm pretty darned sure that Snopes (which has been doing so for YEARS) finds the truth behind all these rumors.

    If they don't like Snopes, they can try

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Heh, heh, heh ... I recently saw an obvious hoax bantered about on a certain independent authors chat group I could name ... but won't.