Friday, September 10, 2010

Rebecca Ryals Russell - Interview Part 3

Do you think self-publishing demeans the title ‘author’? At what point can one consider oneself an ‘author’? How does that differ from being a ‘writer’?

The problem I have with self-publishing is the lack of editing required. If everyone can publish a book available for sale via the same venues as publisher’s venues, how is a reader to know which are edited, polished and ready for consumption? I’ve lately come to the conclusion that a ‘writer’ is anyone who writes for a living (freelance, short stories, magazines, etc) while an ‘author’ has published novels or is included in published anthologies or collections.

If you’ve never written a children’s picture book, would you consider doing so?

I actually have several children’s picture books that I’ve been shopping around at publishers and hope to get published soon.

If you’ve only written for children and teens, would you consider writing a mainstream fiction novel?

I would love for my YA books to be read by mainstream adult readers.

What do you think is the boundary between Young Adult and Middle Grade?

In my opinion, MG literature involves preteen characters, no romance and reduced or no violence. That’s why I took my YA series Seraphym Wars and have developed a MG series called Stardust Warriors based on the same events but with no romance and much less violence. Book 1 Zarena has been accepted for publication and is due out July 2011.

MG novels also deal with issues relating to middle grade age kids. Their issues and problems are different from those dealt with by older teens who read YA and Adult lit.

What is the boundary between Young Adult and Mainstream Fiction for adults?

I would say that boundary is predominantly based on the ages of the main characters as well as the level of romantic heat and violence. Usually YA lit deals with issues most teens are dealing with, such as relationships, future-making decisions, self-analysis.

Do you think many adults read what is classified as Young Adult? Why do you think they do this?

Yes. I have discovered that a lot of adults enjoy reading YA literature because these stories tend to tell a good story and have well-developed characters. I think a lot of time mainstream adult literature is so busy with romance and violence they forget to tell the story. Of course there are exceptions – not all adult literature is romance, romance, romance.

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YA series Seraphym Wars Book 1 Odessa due out April 2011

MG series Stardust Warriors Book 1 Zarena due out July 2011

Write your own six-word memoir.

Finally published YA author. Yipee! Skippy!

Yellow Hat Author that’s me. Woohoo!

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