Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quick Review - Desert Fire by H.M. Prevost

Note: A rarely give 5 stars to books even if I really liked them. I think this one was a step up, so it got one of my very very rare top ratings. 

Desert FireDesert Fire by H.M. Prévost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Boy, am I glad I bought Desert Fire. Also pleased I got it at a spectacular price.

This is everything a contemporary teen thriller should be. I was staying up way too late to read just a few more pages.

Desert Fire grabbed me from page 1 and did not disappoint all the way through to a brilliant ending. I won't give it away, but I'm super pleased the end sets up a perfect sequel.

We get a close look into the Arab world through the eyes of Nick, who's unwillingly moved to United Arab Emirates when his mother gets a job teaching English. I know H.M. lived in the area for several years, so I have no doubt as to the authenticity of the setting and culture.

Brothers Faris and Mohammad, are wonderful sidekicks, providing the hero with the backup support he needs to solve the mystery, but also provide respectful comic relief. I'd love to know these two wild and crazy Emiratis.

A bit of romance with an Arabian princess satisfies the romance readers. Will Nick get to know Shamsir despite the fact that her father would go ballistic if he knew she was flirting with a Canadian non-Arab?

Okay, lots of reviewers who happen to know the authors give 5 star reviews. I'm not one of them. I will grudgingly give out 4 stars for a very well-written book. I HAVE to give Desert Fire the top rating.

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