Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Review: Ebenezer's Locker

Ebenezer's LockerEbenezer's Locker by Anne E. Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who's sending ghostly messages to 6th grader Rhonda? Old Ebenezer, the former owner of the Psychical School (and long dead) wants Rho to find Locker Number 176. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to exist.

With the help of her best friends and an elderly medium, Rho goes on the hunt for the elusive locker. Doing a little spirited time traveling, she discovers what Ebenezer wants her to find in the present day. But will the Principal allow her to tear out the walls in the closet of the Teachers' Lounge? Start reading to find out.

Rhonda is a delightful and spunky MC of this middle-grade paranormal adventure. I hope she takes her buddies on some more spirit chasing in a sequel or two.

I very much enjoyed this read and recommend it highly for every age group. If you enjoy fun MG/YA, then this is a great one to grab for a cheerful and fast read.

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