Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Drowsing to Scrambling

Once I got through the little blog tour of Setara's Genie, I thought I didn't have a lot to do. I do have a couple of my friends' books to pre-read (critique), and am enjoying the stories. Then the you know what hit the whirling device when some personal stuff (nothing dire) got in the way of doing my duty. My apologies to my dear Dreaded One (Ardyth deBruyn) for failure to complete a critique on her latest couple of chapters. I'll get rolling on it soon.

It's been a couple of days since posting my invitation to this dance (my blog). It's interesting that I've only received one taker on the open invite. I guess my 100,000+ hits (corrected) doesn't appeal to anybody (not counting my crit partners, of course). Oh, well. That just means I get to make up boring stuff rather than presenting exciting new releases.

One new thing for me is that I'm going to produce the print copy of my murder mystery, "Missing, Assumed Dead." The ebook is published by MuseItUp, my fine Canadian publisher. They're new and have limited resources. They can't do every single book in print. Mutually, we decided that my Witches of Galdorheim series was a better choice to devote resources for print. It'll be great if I can get at least the first in the series in print in time for Christmas giving.

I'm perfectly capable of putting up a quality print product. Less capable on the cover art front. Alas, I can't use the same cover as the ebook since it belongs to MuseItUp. I found I could purchase the use of the cover for my print book, but I'm of the "don't spend a penny on anything because you'll never make it back" school of book production. I will continue to spend as little as possible. I'll never buy reviews, never pay for an editor, and never pay for a cover design. Given that my text of Missing was well-edited for the ebook, I'm solid on the interior. A new cover, not so much. I thought I'd try it out here to get opinions. Hit, miss, or meh?

For comparison, here's the ebook cover:

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  1. I love the picture of Oregon and the girl, but I think you should ax the ax on the new cover. It works on the e-book cover as a central element, but looks like tacky clip-art on this one. I think just the title would look more professional. The look of the word "dead" also shows the murder bit.

    So that's my vote!