Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flash Flash FLASH!!!!

Check out the MuseItUp Publishing blog for some hors d'oeurve stories: Little bite-size flash shorts only 100 words long (yes, I said 100, not 1000).

Here's the deal. Vote and win yourself twenty-five bucks. And, whoever wrote the flash you voted for which made you a winner gets twenty-five bucks too. Here's the easy 1 2 3:

1- READ the flash fiction posts - You'll find something for everybody. Funny, sad, sweet, naughty, goofy, surprising, and punny. You decide.

2- LEAVE a comment in the story or stories you loved the most.

3- VOTE for your favorite in our poll on the left side (only 1 vote per person).

4- COME BACK to the MuseItUp Blog on March 28 when they announce the winner of the most votes. If you happened to have left a comment in that winning entry's posting, then you may be the reader who will win alongside our author.

Fine print: You must have a Paypal email in order to participate. That's how you get paid.

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