Saturday, March 01, 2014


I need some audio book sales! You can join and get a month free with your choice of two audio books as your joining gift. If you pick either or both of my audio books in your first three audio book selections, my producer and I split a $25 bonus.

STILL on sale for only $1.99, TALES OF A TEXAS BOY, is three+ hours of down home goodness and humor. That's such a low price, I'm really wondering about Audible's sanity. There are very few audio books this cheap.

My second book, a mystery titled MISSING, ASSUMED DEAD, is longer and more expensive, so a great bargain getting it free when signing up at Audible.

To sweeten this deal, write a comment on my blog, on the Facebook or G+ links to my blog, send me an email, or just yell really loud (I have to be able to hear it, so you probably live next door). You will receive for your minimal effort a coupon to use at which doesn't even require a membership. You just get a free book.

Do I sound desperate? Yes, I am. I want somebody to notice the QUALITY of these books. My narrators talked their asses off and would probably like an attaboy and an attagirl, too. I'm tired of being The Cellophane Queen. Give me some attention! At least go listen to the sample.

Note: I'm in the process of uploading a three-book series, and three additional individual titles for audio. You should really buy my books now before I get too famous. Where's that winking smiley face?

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