Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tales Now up on Amazon

I got an email from Amazon today. Was it a note to the author telling her that the book was now available? Nope. I got the email as a customer of Amazon because I'd indicated interest in that particular author (me). Nevertheless, it's cool to have Tales of a Texas Boy now available worldwide. Yes, it's also listed on Amazon.UK and Amazon.FR and a bunch of others.


  1. Before long writers in the same class as Michener and Hemingway will be asking for your autograph.

  2. Hey, TC, you could ask for my autograph. Just pop over to my website and order a copy. I'll sign and ship one to you. Maybe wait a bit until the Large Print edition comes out. I know you're getting on... (don't hit me!)

  3. Marva, if I could, I'd love to, but I'm living on credit.

    There's a new G Smith post at my place.

  4. I'm planning on getting the large print edition for my mommy. I imagine she'll want to read it out loud to my grandma.

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