Saturday, May 04, 2013

Faizah's Destiny the Movie (well, book trailer)

What's a book without a movie? Most of us have to settle for a book trailer. Alas, movie rights sales are hard to come by.

More to come on the Faizah's Destiny Blog Tour.

The Making of...

When creating a book trailer, you need to decide how much information is required versus how much you'd really love to include. The plot of "Faizah's Destiny" is far more complex than shown in the vid, but that's probably true of movie trailers as well. I didn't get to say so much that's in the book. 

Did I do myself a disservice by "dumbing down" the plot to fit the trailer under two minutes? I usually make 1-1/2 minute trailers. I consider that to be about the length a person will go ahead and watch the whole thing. At 1-3/4 minutes, Faizah runs a bit long for my taste.

The plusses that make a trailer successful include:

Killer Music: Kevin MacLeod of never lets me down. Every trailer I've made uses a MacLeod theme. 

Killer Cover: Thanks to Charlotte Volnek, the Faizah cover is, in deed, killer. And she produced the right tone and look one the first shot! Of course, Charlotte had already produced a great cover for "Setara's Genie," which required a bit of back and forth. But when Faizah came along, I just said, "You know what you did for Setara? Do it for Faizah, too." And she did. The two covers complement each other. While they are not a series, they are both set in the same pre-Islamic middle-east I envisioned. 

Killer Concept: Okay. I'll claim killer concept for this book because it is a departure from the standard euro-centric fantasy realms. No fairies or elves in this book. I did use flat-out middle-eastern mythology. The gods, demons, and other magical critters were all part of the rich history of Persia.

As for the production values of the video itself, I can only say I did my best to create an entertaining and brief synopsis of the story, even if I had to cadge the facts here and there to simplify.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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