Friday, May 24, 2013

Heads Up: Don't Miss Out on Lowest Price Ever

I've had my three-book volume of the entire Witches of Galdorheim trilogy on sale for a lousy fourteen bucks ($14.00) for awhile. Few have taken advantage of the deal, so here's the heads up. Buy the paperback before the end of the month if you want it. On June 1st, it's going up to its far more reasonable and priced in-line with other books its size: $16.95 (or more if I feel particularly grouchy).

I tried. I really tried to sell this book at a bargain price for several weeks. But folks were having none of it. Since people I know aren't taking me up on the deal, then I see no reason to practically give away 446 pages of YA fantasy goodness to total strangers.

Last chance to buy for $14.00. No, let's make that $12.00 until the end of the month. Does that tempt you at all? Oh, look at that! Amazon has even discounted the price to $11.04. That's definitely the lowest this book can be priced.

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