Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kid Lit Giveaway Blog Hop

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Brought to you by: Mother Daughter Book Reviews and Youth Literature Reviews.

The purpose of this hop is to get the word out about Children's Book Week. I'm excited about this because I write for the tween to young YA audience.

My genre is fantasy, but you won't find any princesses, dwarves, elves, or any of the euro-centric middle-earth stuff. I write in two areas. The Witches of Galdorheim series is set in present day and in the real world. Ranging from the arctic Barents Sea to Siberia to Scotland, Katrina, a teen witch finds adventure and danger.

Setara and Faizah have their adventures when Djinns, demons, flying horses, and simurghs roamed the earth. The two books are not a series, but take place in the same shared world based on pre-Islamic middle-eastern mythology.

Read about Kat, Setara and Faizah on my website. 

My giveaway is any format ebook of any of The Witches of Galdorheim Series (Bad Spelling, Midnight Oil, ScotchBroom), or "Setara's Genie," or "Faizah's Destiny." Maybe I'll get crazy and give away all five ebooks. It all depends on how many of you leave a comment.

Here's the Link List for the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Click your way through the blog posts for giveaways at every single stop. What are you waiting for? Get to clickin'! After leaving a comment here, of course, if you want to win one of my books.


  1. Awesome, good luck with the tour

  2. This is so exciting. The first blog hop tour of this size for me. I know your winners will love any of the books you are giving away because you are a talented story teller.
    Hop over to visit me at Girls Succeed

  3. Wow, that's a long, long list. So many participants. Good luck to all.

    Marva, I have your wonderful Witches series. I've read them all. I know your winners will be getting a great read. Good luck.

  4. I admit that I am a fan of dwarves, elves, all that euro-centric stuff, but I am ALSO a fan of fantasy based in folklore from the rest of the world, and that is WICKED hard to find. So hurrah for it here! :D Good luck with the book hop, everyone!

  5. Hi folks. So far, you all have a REALLY great chance of winning. The Hop is on til the 19th, though.

  6. I am guilty of writing middle grade elf stories but they will at least leave you craving cupcakes. I Think your books sound great. Thanks for joining the hop. Cheers Julie Grasso

  7. Jambo's books definitely eave you craving cupcakes. Yours look good too! I think my books only leave you craving guineapigs. Or chocolate. Or the next one :)
    Jemima at the Princelings website

  8. im a traditional fantasy writer, but love reading other culture fantasies to broaden my perspective.

  9. Hello to folks new to my blog. I hope this won't be the last I see of you. This blog hop is great for finding new authors.

  10. I love finding new authors and your books sound fabulous! I'd love to read any of them but I have to say I'm automatically drawn to any book that contains djinn~<3 I don't see them around enough! Super curious about what will happen with Najda after reading the synopsis for "Setara's Genie". :) Thank you for the lovely hop!

  11. sounds great!!!

    qtksjkmommy at gmail dot com

  12. I'm happy to see so many new folks stopping by my blog from the Kid Lit Giveaway promotion.

    This was a brilliant idea from .

  13. Oh! Your books sound so fantastic! I'm sure my daughter would love them. Thanks for this fantastic giveaway and thanks for participating in the Kid Lit Giveaway Hop.

    Be sure to check out our Kid Lit Question of the Day. This week we are talking about the category of books, YA.

  14. Thank you for introducing me to your books. I have a 12 yo son who reads at a 9th grade level and loves anything to do with magic and sword-fighting, and an 8 yo daughter that I think Katrina would appeal to.