Saturday, May 11, 2013

Interviewed on Flowers and Thorns

Lorrie Struiff puts me under the microscope on her blog today. Check out the interview on Flower and Thorns.

* * * About Lorrie * * *

I live in West Mifflin, PA. about twenty minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.

I like to write in many genres but humor is my favorite. Although, I can get into some real horror stories and Sci-fi.

My main purpose in writing is to entertain readers, give you an easy yet interesting read.

I'm just chock full of information here. lol.

I lead a few workshops, meet with local authors for lunch to discuss the raging world of publishing and promoting. Isn't it changing so fast?

I have a FaceBook page at!/LorrieUnitesStruiff Please stop over and say hi.

I am an ex-ballroom dance teacher and ex-manager  of a popular chain of dance studios. A teacher who completed her tests for a gold medal.

Since retirement, I took up writing as a hobby-at first. Now, I'm really into it. I love writing.

If you go to Amazon and punch in Lorrie Unites-Struiff, you will see most of the publications that my stories appear in. And of course, my new releases.

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