Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Simurgh Flaps Over to Natalie Wright's Blog

Today, the legendary Simurgh flies to YA author Natalie Wright's blog.

* * * About Natalie * * *

Natalie write stories for young adults and adults. She love magic, mystery, mysticism and myth. She also enjoy astronomy, cosmology, physics and the study of life on this planet (and beyond). She find human beings and their relationships with one another endlessly fascinating.

All of this stirs around in her head, percolates a bit, and stories are born. Because of her eclectic interests, anything goes and she sometimes mix genres. Readers have said she write great action scenes and that people enjoy her strong, female characters.

Catch Natalie's work in her series, The Akasha Chronicles, beginning with "Emily's House." The second book, "Emily's Trial," was recently released through MuseItUp Publishing.

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