Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How I Got My Agent #4 - Golden Oldies Post

I wrote a series of essays dealing with my deep devotion to Rastafarianism. Bob Marley is a God, isn't he? Anyway, I got these pieces published in the Rastafarian Times ezine. True, they don't pay and to get published all you have to do is post your work, but still, published is published, hey mon.

I decided to make a book with my collected Rastafarian writing. I figured the publisher at Rastafarian Times would be really interested. Much to my delight, he was! Still, the deal he offered (a half-kilo in advance, with one ounce royalty on each copy sold) seemed a little light, so I decided to hit up an agent or two.

I worked up a proposal and shipped it off to a couple of agents who seemed cool. I figured including a doobie would give them an incentive to ask for more (I promised a baggie for a request of full). Well, it didn't take long for an agent to respond BEGGING for a full (plus a full ounce for him to read it). I shipped off the package, hoping that the drug dogs were on vacation or sniffing for crotch explosives. That seemed to work since the agent sent me a response in a couple of days:

"Hey man. I'm down with this, dude. Let's deal. LOL! I mean your book, like really! Hey, do you have any more of that good shit?"

I accepted his offer and I'm now well on the way to being published. But I don't really care. Dig it, mon? Don't bogart that joint and does anybody want pizza?