Thursday, April 17, 2014

So, What Does It Take?

How about the ENTIRE series on Witches of Galdorheim on Kindle for only $6.99? Is that enough to make you pay attention? I'm not going to keep offering up these amazing deals forever, you know. That's three books plus a short story in one volume. Do I have to throw in my first born son (this being the Passover season and all)? Done! You can have both my first born and second born sons. Hey, I'll even throw in a couple of granddaughters. That may be a problem since they're independent women who could kick your butt. Of course, you have to round them up, hogtie them, and force them to do your will. Good luck with that! And none of them are illegally grazing on BLM land.


  1. That's a good deal! I've read all of these stories (in paperback) and I can vouch that they're very clever and a lot of fun! See my review of v.3 Scotch Broom here.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Lorinda.