Friday, March 23, 2018

Meet the Vampires in Blood Ties Tested 2

A basic premise of this novella is that the main character's father, Drakos, is a Reform Vampire--that is, a vampire who has sworn off blood. He has collected a few other vampires who are like-minded. They have vowed to go on the wagon. Here's a bit on a couple of them. All the descriptions are direct quotes from the book.

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The real-life Lyonel  Perabo
lives in Tromso Norway
Tall and elegant, Lyonel Perabo, with his long black hair, goatee, and mustache was the consummate Frenchman. Centuries ago, he decided to leave France to follow the slaughter of the Viking raids. He had thought it a convenient way to sup on human blood since the battlefields lay strewn with the near dead. When the Norsemen stopped their raids, Lyonel moved on.

To his perplexity, a deformed creature followed Lyonel from the battlefield. Eventually, he spoke to the being and discovered it was a man morphed into monster called Thorolf Draugr. The two formed a mutually beneficial partnership. They hunted together—Lyonel for the blood and Thorolf for the raw flesh.

Lyonel doesn't have a real Draugr,
but would probably love to meet one.
More wars and years went by. They roamed the lands from south to north. It became more difficult as the years went by. Lyonel and Thorolf had wandered into Slovakia’s Tatras Mountains whilst stalking a Gypsy caravan. Unfortunately for Lyonel, the gypsies were well-versed in vampire ways. Turning the tables on Lyonel and Thorolf, the gypsies cornered the pair shouting curses and holding up crosses sharpened into wooden stakes. Thorolf, however, roared and attacked, unfazed by the anti-vampire talismans. The gypsies had never encountered a creature like the Draugr before. Thorolf attacked the attackers, throwing bodies, alive and dead, every which way. Realizing the monster was beyond their abilities, the gypsies turned tail and ran. Lyonel called off Thorolf, not wanting to lose his dear companion.

Since all of the vampires in Drakos’s home had forsworn taking human blood, Angus had done the same. He truly wanted to leave the vampire ways and be able to someday return to his true love. Many years before, he and Glaistig had gone into the Otherworld to prevent themselves from killing. They swore an oath to each other. They would never drink human blood again, supporting each other through the cravings until they felt the blood lust draining from their bodies. They could lift their faces to the sun, even if it was only the Otherworld sun, not the real one shining in the human lands.

For the most part, they lived peacefully taking the occasional troll or ogre for blood. It wasn’t really killing since no creature within the Otherworld could be killed by another creature who also had taken residence in there. Angus and Glaistig always paid the creatures for their blood.

Everything went well for many years, but Angus felt the tug of human hearts beating as civilization moved closer to the Otherworld’s border. He did everything he could to ignore it. He and Glaistig visited the Trow King’s hillock, joining in the almost constant party the trolls so loved. The trolls were excellent hosts, providing raw meat for Glaistig and Angus. For this reason, the couple let the trolls be. It was a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

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