Friday, March 09, 2018

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Did you know that Scotch Broom follows the general plot of Wizard of Oz? Kat (our heroine) accidentally gets stuck in the Otherworld (Oz) where she meets three magical creatures. A wicked witch (the winter goddess Cailleach) is out to get Kat to steal her magic. Rather than melting the witch with water, Kat pushes the old biddy into a cauldron of whatever the witch had been brewing. I resisted the urge to have Cailleach, the evil goddess, cry out "I'm melting!" Yeah, that's a spoiler.

One other departure from the general Oz plot is that one of Kat's companions is a traitor working with Cailleach. You could read the book to find out which of these companions turns out to be the bad one.

Sianach: "Monster." In Scottish Gaelic oral tradition, a extra large predatory deer. Other research indicated that the basis for Sianach might be the Irish Elk, which is now extinct.

Cusith: An enormous hound of the Scottish Highlands. It is said to be a dark green in color, with a long braided tail and the size of a bullock. Whenever his baying was heard on the moors, farmers would quickly lock up their women because the hound's mission was to round up women and drive them to a fairy mound so they might supply milk for fairy children.

Cait Sidhe: In Celtic mythology, there’s a fairy (or fae or faerie) for just about any purpose. Cait Sidhe is a shape changing creature who spends most of her time in the form of a very large black cat with a snotty attitude.

I couldn't resist having a horse of a different color (you know what I'm talking about Wizard of Oz fans), so I included Diamond a Unicorn. Who doesn't love unicorns?

Bad Spelling (Book 1 of the Witches of Galdorheim)
A klutzy witch, a shaman's curse, a quest to save her family. Can Kat find her magic in time?
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Midnight Oil (Book 2)
Shipwrecked on a legendary island, how can a witch rescue her boyfriend if she can’t even phone home?
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Scotch Broom (Book 3)
A magical trip to Stonehenge lands a witch in the Otherworld where an ancient goddess is up to no good.
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Spellslinger - A Witches of Galdorheim Short Story
What does a teenage half-warlock, half-vampire do to have fun? Why build an old west town on a glacier in the Arctic. 
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