Monday, November 26, 2012

Girls and Boy Succeed

J.Q. Rose is a mystery writer and, more recently, the author of a book for girls with stories about real successful women. She stopped by my blog earlier this month to talk about Girls Succeed.

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Read "Out of the Chicken Coop" from Tales of a Texas Boy

Today, I stop by her blog to talk about a couple of my paperbacks. One features a girl who has no doubt she'll be a success. Fiona's best friends are three boys who already respect her even in junior high school. Together, they go on an adventure in the Klamath Wildlife Preserves in southern Oregon. Click here to read more about Eagle Quest.

The other is all about a boy. He's a real-life guy who grew up to be my father. He's gone now, but "Tales of a Texas Boy" continues on telling his almost-true tall tales of growing up in West Texas during the Depression. Eddie is curious, mischievous, kind, respectful of his elders, and sometimes mean to his sister. In other words, he's just a regular boy. But somehow odd situations find him, and he's more than eager to take them on. Click here to read about Eddie's stories.

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  1. Happy you visited my blog. I have the Texas Boy on my kindle ready to read. Thanks for mentioning Girls Succeed here.