Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Special Sale - Larriane Wills SF/F Paperback


Caught up in situation not of his making, a modern day cowboy with attitude is taken aboard an alien research vessel. To put it mildly, all hell breaks lose.

After years of captivity, the other captives knew what to expect and follow the routines set up for them. Garrett doesn't, nor does he blindly accept that things can't change. He is also tuned in to a sinister undercurrent of a change that only meant harm.

Suitable for ages from teens on, "Looking Glass Portal" is a science fiction/fantasy which make you wonder as Garrett did: Do like minds link even over the vast distances of space?

Great for under the Christmas tree, a limited number are now on a special sale at 2/3 the regular price making a printed, autographed book in the same price range as an ebook. The Buy Now link will take you to excerpts and easy purchase. Only $5.00 plus S/H. Feel free to browse all my pages. Though not on sale, I have a wide variety of books from historical to the future.


Larriane AKA Larion Wills
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  1. I see you run the gamut of genres, too.

    Hmm, a cowboy. Intruguing. I have to investigate further.