Saturday, November 10, 2012


The rest of this month and most of next will be all about paperbacks. Many folks just like the feel of a paperback in their hands. Others want to buy a gift of a book for somebody who doesn't have access to an ereader. I know for certain that the more senior of us often prefer reading a real 'live' book.

In past years, I've found a good audience for my LARGE PRINT books among the folks that remember  when gas was a quarter a gallon. Several of my other books are for the younger audience of tweens and teens.

Here's what I'll feature this month. I also have some friends who have their own books in paperback. They'll be joining me here on this blog to let you know where they can get the bet deal on their paperbacks.

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  1. You're right, Marva. E-books are impossible to wrap in bright-colored Chrismas paper. Might be fine for gram to say, "Okay, look at your E-reader, I have gifted you an E-book. Nice, but not as much fun.
    I have all of your paperbacks. And yes, I will be wrapping them for Christmas gifts.
    I guess I'm of the older generation, and I still love paperbacks. Oh, I do have an E-reader too. lol.