Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review - Persephone Cole Mystery

Persephone Cole and the Christmas Killings ConundrumPersephone Cole and the Christmas Killings Conundrum by Heather Haven
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've read all of Heather Haven's Alvarez Family mysteries and really enjoyed the series. When I saw she's come up with another woman sleuth, I had to have it.

Set in the 40s, it's everything the hard-boiled PI books delivered, plus a lot more humor from the savvy Percy Cole.

An elf buys a one-way ticket to the Santa's Workshop in the sky. The frivolous rich girl's fancy handbag is a dead giveaway of who did in the elf.

Okay, the elf is really a dwarf who happens to be working the Santa's Workshop store for kids down the street. But what was he doing in the window of the jewelry store with a bullet in him? What's more every finger points to the jewelry store owner's step-daughter. He hire Percy to prove his daughter's innocence (he loves her like she was his own). Percy takes the case and discovers the dark family secrets that led up to the death of the elf...and then an angel.

Who has it out for Santa's helpers? Percy is on the job.

Really, folks. You'll love this book.

I reserve 5 stars so I have some wiggle room in reviews. If not for that hard and fast (sort of) rule, I'd definitely give Persephone Cole the full five stars.

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