Friday, December 07, 2012

What else?

I must have something more to say about my books to encourage sales, but, you know what? You'll either buy them or not. If you follow this blog, I'm pretty sure you already know what I have. Take a look at my blog's header for almost all my book covers. I've left a few out because no more will fit.

Over to the right, I have a carousel of my print books available on Amazon. I've also pitched all my ebooks (many of which are on sale for 99 cents at Amazon and Smashwords for holiday buying).

Here, briefly, is what you can expect from my books:

  • A dystopian future complete with rebels, space battles, a heroine who has to make some tough choices. Meanwhile, she's kicking butts in grand fashion.
  • A teen witch whose spellcasting leaves a lot to be desired. Turn a cute bunny into a slimy green mess? That's about the best she can do. How is she to know she's afflicted by a shaman's curse?
  • A rich, but bored, girl seeks adventure and finds it in spades when she acquires a not-so-cooperative genie. On the bright side, she makes friends with a highly unusual bunch of magical creatures. Wouldn't you love to have a blue cave demon as your BFF?
  • A young woman finds she's the last relative of a missing man. He's been declared dead, but his body never found. Wanting to find out what happened to him, she steps on too many toes and discovers murder, insanity, suicide, and prejudice seething beneath the surface in a small town.
  • A boy living on a farm in West Texas shouldn't get into much trouble. Eddie finds something interesting to do wherever he is: a cattle drive, a county fair, a set of twin brothers who hate each other, a man with a hog, a raging flooded creek, a man who makes an important discovery, and lets Eddie in on it from the beginning. 
  • A farmer's daughter thwarts the god of war and his plans to destroy the world. She doesn't know whether she can count on her friends or if they'll stab her in the back.
  • Four teens explore a wildlife preserve so a young Native American boy can find his roots through a Vision Quest. They find out if they've got the nerve to confront a mean pair of eagle poachers.

If that's not enough variety to hit at least one genre you enjoy, then I'm not sure what it is you like. Okay, no erotica, but I do have some spicy scenes in the SF novel.


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  1. Lots of genres. Lots of creativity. Keep writing!! I love your books.


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