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The first book from the Witches of Galdorheim series: Bad Spelling.

Today (10/14/2011):

Read all about Andy, the troll turned human on Rosanne Dowell's blog.

To round out the release, I'll have a full line up of articles, character studies and excerpts from now to Halloween. Check the schedule page for the on-going blogs and articles.

BAD SPELLING – Book 1 of the Witches of Galdorheim
A klutzy witch, a shaman's curse, a quest to save her family. Can Kat find her magic in time?
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If you’re a witch living on a remote arctic island, and the entire island runs on magic, lacking magical skills is not just an inconvenience, it can be a matter of life and death–or, at least, a darn good reason to run away from home.
Katrina’s spells don’t just fizzle; they backfire with spectacular results, oftentimes involving green goo. A failure as a witch, Kat decides to run away and find her dead father’s non-magical family. But before she can, she stumbles onto why her magic is out of whack: a curse from a Siberian shaman.
The young witch, accompanied by her warlock brother, must travel to the Hall of the Mountain King and the farthest reaches of Siberia to regain her magic, dodging attacks by the shaman along the way. At the Troll Kingdom, a young troll, Andy, joins the siblings in their quest to find the shaman and kill the curse.

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  1. Happy Book Birthday! Am enjoying the book so very much!
    C.K. Volnek