Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More on Thumbnails

If you read my post on using Flickr to produce thumbnails of your covers (check back to this post), I'd like to add another tip.

Put all the thumbnail codes into a text file, then save it as HTML. I just had my codes one after the other. When I viewed the file in my browser (yes, you can view files on your computer in your browser. They don't have to be out on the internet somewhere), the thumbnails displayed in a nice neat row. I used a screen capture tool (on Windows 7, it's called Snipping Tool) to get a single JPG shot of all the covers together. I then used that JPG as the header for my website.

You can see how it looks as a header on a website by clicking here.

If you're looking at this blog live, rather than through a reader, a stacked set of the thumbnails is over there >>>>> in the right-hand sidebar. This is an HTML widget where I just added all the flickr codes. It adjusted to the two-up display naturally to the width of the sidebar.

Here's how the covers look when I snipped and saved them in a JPG file:

Pretty cool, huh? These are smaller than the actual size since it's wider than my blog post width. If I set them to full size, they'd hang out over the right side of this post.

So, you can see that there's lots of ways to get very nice facsimiles of your covers and group them for easy display.

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