Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thumbnail Book Covers

In case you didn't know about this tool, I'll fill you in. 
  • Sign up for Flickr.
  • Upload your book covers. Add descriptions or whatever.
  • Click up a cover by itself and drop down the Share button.
  • Select the thumbnail size and grab the HTML code provided.

 You can now use this code to put a thumbnail size of your cover wherever takes HTML.

I have them in my email signature and on my blog. I've put all the codes into one file so I can thumbnail my covers wherever appropriate. They're very handy to use as forum signatures. Cute, aren't they?

Missing, AssumedDead

Bad Spelling

Ultimate Duty by Marva Dasef

First Duty

Tales of a Texas Boy

Eagle Quest

Tales of Abu Nuwas

Quest for the Simurgh

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  1. Nice idea. :) I usually save a few different sizes of my covers on my hard drive and load them up to my web host to link to whenever, but I like the Flickr versions with the little white frames around them.


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