Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Where are the prizes?

Many authors of the All September MG/YA Blogathon are giving away books to selected commenters on each blog on which they appeared.

In order to give everybody a chance to win a prize, we're holding off the drawing until mid-month (October 15th or so). Each author will visit their posts to grab up the commenters names. We hope you left some way to find you if you win.

We'll draw winners, attempt to notify them, then post the winners on our blogs. So, I'll post the winners of MY books right here on this blog.

Here are the sites I visited in September. If you missed one to comment, getcher clicker in gear. You don't have to leave a thoughtful or complimentary comment. Just say "I want to win. Reach me through (my blog link, my email address, or other method).

C.K. Volnek

Two on Rebecca's blog:
Rebecca Ryals Russell
Rebecca Ryals Russell

Kim Baccellia

Pembroke Sinclair

Chris Verstraete

Sue Perkins

Lawna Mackie

Shellie Neumeier

Barbara Bockman

Meradeth Houston

Barbara Ehrentreu

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