Saturday, January 28, 2012

Elementary Hostess - Barbara Ehrentreu

Not elementary, as in grade school. Barbara hosts the four major elemental spirits. Yes, this has something to do with Midnight Oil. You'll find out more than you ever thought you wanted to know on Barbara's Meandering Blog.

About Barbara

Mom, writer, busy busy busy. Barbara writes her own blog (Meandering), and contributes to Downtown YA and Teen Word Factory. She's made YA her business model, and is succeeding very nicely at it.

The first book of Barbara's that I read (and enjoyed, by the way) was the teen contemporary, "If I Could be Like Jennifer Taylor." It dealt with a number of problems facing today's teen. If you have a kid just hitting the teen years, it'd be a great book to give them. It will help prepare them for the mean streets of middle-grade and high school. Barbara has also written a Parent/Teacher Guide to help discuss the issues in Jennifer Taylor with teens. The book is available from MuseItUp, Amazon, and other ebookstores on the internet.


  1. Thank you, Marva!! I love the endorsement!!! I will tell everyone about this really cool and surprising review.

  2. Barbara, Nice endorsement, and great book. Marian

  3. I loved the book so much I gave it to two of my granddaughter for Christmas, and I tell everyone I meet who has teenaged kids in their lives about this wonderful book!

  4. That is, I gave it to two of my granddaughters.