Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hostess with Ice Cream - Barbara Bockman

Today, Barbara Bockman hosts Midnight Oil on her Stories a la Mode blog. Barbara's latest book is Wounds from MuseItUp Publishing. She visited me here on January 9th with information on her newest offering, a picture book titled "Fantastic Flight," as well as participating in last September's MG/YA Blogathon.

About Barbara (according to Barbara)

I’ve always loved stories and the interesting way certain people have with words. So I majored in English and Library Science in college, and later, with a Master’s Degree in English, I taught my subject at Pensacola Junior College. Having long wanted to try my hand at it, I started writing stories for children.

Story ideas are all around me. One of the fun things about traveling is learning new facts and feeling the lives of people who lived in those exotic locales. I especially love folk tales and myths.

I also enjoy stories about contemporary children and situations. I like to turn them into mysteries. My family have been indulgent enough to allow me to write about them, as well.

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