Friday, January 27, 2012

Hostess with Big Bird - Jo Ramsey

Jo and I are visiting each other so much this month, we're looking like we're related or BFFs. I hope, at least, we're becoming friends with all this virtual traveling. Jo is hosting Midnight Oil on her blog today. If you check back to January 5th, you'll see Jo visited me with her book, Life Skills. And coming up on the 30th, Jo will return for another stop with an all new book. At least we get great mileage.

About Jo

I’ve been reading and writing since I was very young, and I’ve always enjoyed creating new worlds and stories in which someone who considers his/her life bland and boring suddenly finds everything he/she’s always known turned on its ear. In other words, fantasy that starts, and often takes place completely, in the “real world.” That’s the type of story I enjoy reading, as well.

I’m a former special education teacher who now does school visits in addition to writing. I live in Massachusetts with my two daughters, my husband, and a pair of cats.

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