Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Midnight Oil Blog Tour WINNERS!

The names have been recorded, the die has been cast. Here are the winners of a free copy of either Bad Spelling or Midnight Oil. If you're a winner and I haven't contact you yet, please send me an email.

Frances (Che) Monro
Laurie Green
Cheryl Carpinello
Mandi Williams
Trish Fletcher
Cheryl Malandrinos
Angela Brown
Anne Johnson
H.M. Prevost
Lydia Kang
Stina Lindenblatt

* Note: Some of the host blogs didn't have a qualifying commenter, so prizes were not awarded for each host blog.


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  2. Congratulations to everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the Midnight Oil blog tour--a be-witch-ing experience. Thanks for inviting me to participate, Marva, and so many thanks for my copy of Spellslinger. Woohoo

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