Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hostess with Tiny Canines - Chris Verstraete

No, Chris Verstraete is not a vampire with small fangs. She just really, really likes dogs. I like dogs too, so we get along great. Great Dane even. She never terriers from her writing duties except to hound other writers to make teensy, tiny little pekingese, no make that chihuahua-sized chairs, tables and dog houses.

Now that you can tell I'm totally baying at the moon, please drop over to Chris' blog, The Candid Canine, while I go on and on about the unfortunately dogless Midnight Oil. There's plenty of other animals though. Just not dogs, not even little itty bitty dogs.

Chris Verstraete: Collector, writer, miniaturist, dog lover! But she also enjoys writing + reading horror. (Zombies too!) If you like dogs or miniatures or zombies, possibly all in the same book, you'll enjoy Chris' writing. For example:

Searching for a Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery

Sam, her Bff Lita, and a mischievous Dachshund named Petey face a cranky housekeeper, a dog-hating gardener, and an ancient family curse as they search for a missing miniature replica of Van Gogh's famous painting, "Starry Night."

Learn more about Chris on her website, including all her other books about dogs, miniatures, and zombies.

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