Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hostess with Zombies - Pembroke Sinclair

The book trailer was featured at You Gotta Read Videos on January 20th. Voting is between the 21st and 26th. Drop by and vote for #20.


Pembroke Sinclair loves her zombies. I wish I had a zombie to share with her from Midnight Oil today. Hm. Just had a thought (well, the thought occurred on January 10th while I'm writing this post). I do have an almost-dead character she can host. Dear old dad, frozen in the glacier and feeling so sad.

About Pembroke:

Pembroke (female) presents us with an apocalyptic future replete with zombies. Nothing like a good zombie fest to keep you up all night. Buy her book, Life After the Undead, from Etreasures Publishing. Check out her blog for information on her other stories and books. Not all are zombified. She has published non-fiction and speculative fiction.

She has much more coming in 2012. She has quite a wide range. I just like to tease her about the zombies.

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  1. Tease me all you want about the zombies. They are my favorite. The others are ancillary! :)