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Sue Perkins - Two New Releases!

Reva fights evil in Fey with the help of a garden gnome, elves, griffins and a knight in shining armour.
by Sue Perkins:
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Sue's last book, "Spirit Stealer," is now available at MuseItUp, Amazon, and other on-line bookstores. Now, let's hear from Sue.

Thank you Marva for inviting me to your blog.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and are not feeling too down about returning to school or work.

My break has been very relaxed. I live in New Zealand so we get Christmas in the sun and I have to say the sun really did its best for us. Very hot days with blue skies. The rain set in for New Year though.

My New Year began for on the 30th December when MuseItUp Publishing released my Middle Grade novel "Reva's Quest". This is my second Middle Grade novel, the first one being "Spirit Stealer" which was released by MuseItUp in October 2011. Both are fantasies.


On the 1st January Desert Breeze Publishing released a Young Adult novel "Dragon Flame" so 2012 has definitely started with all things wonderful.

I have to admit my favorite genre is fantasy. Sometimes on Earth with spirits, ghosts and other scary things. I also visit alternate worlds with magical beings both animals and humanoids.

"Reva's Quest" starts on Earth but rapidly moves to the magical world of Fey. Reva's garden gnome demands she accompany him Fey to rid the magical world of evil which he states is all her fault.

The adventure begins when they start their quest accompanied by two elves and a griffin. The evil has infiltrated most of the land and sometimes the beings of Fey are not as they seem.

Excerpt from Reva's Quest

They walked through the trees for most of the day, but eventually the forest thinned out. Through the trunks she could see rolling meadows with another wooded area in the distance. Distant snow-topped mountains broke the horizon. The creatures of Fey might not be the same as her imagination, but the scenery certainly looked similar. Eager to leave the lurking leprechauns behind, she hurried out onto the lush grassy surface.

“Come back you silly girl.”

Reva ignored Maura. With her arms stretched out to either side and her face turned upward, she spun slowly, enjoying the warm sunshine of late afternoon.

“What does she think she’s doing?” Maura’s voice held astonishment.

“Enjoying the warmth and light I think,” Jarin's words were thoughtful. “I thought she knew about Fey. Doesn’t she know how dangerous it is to rush out in the open?”

“Apparently not,” the female elf replied.

Reva heard their voices, but ignored the actual words. Eyes closed, she tilted her head back even more and lifted her face to the sky, enjoying the warm rays bathing her face. The sunshine wiped away the sense of menace and replaced it with a feeling of ease and contentment.

For several moments, she stood delighting in the sun before something passed across the sky, throwing a shadow on her face. Reva looked up, expecting to see a cloud crossing the sun. Her eyes widened in horror. A huge avian dived toward her at an amazing speed. The beak opened in a challenging scream which went right through her. Sharp talons on its feet stretched toward her as it swooped in for the kill.

The bird zoomed closer and closer. Reva stood open-mouthed, staring. Fear and disbelief pinned her feet to the ground.

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"Dragon Flame" occurs on an alternate planet. Eighteen year old Talei is the eldest survivor of an attack of fire breathing dragons. Talei links telepathically with a dragon, and discovers their goblin riders are holding the female dragons hostage. Talei and her friend Adri lead a group of teenagers to free the beasts. Failure means the end of both dragons and humans.

Excerpt from Dragon Flame

Darth stirred beside her, and thinking he moved to comfort her, she turned toward him. To her horror she saw him crawl from beneath the wagon and move toward a laser gun which had fallen from the hand of a dead defender.

"Darth, no," she hissed. "Don't be stupid."

He picked up the laser, and still lying on the ground he looked toward her, pride glowing in his eyes.

"I'm not stupid, Talei. I'm going to protect my home and people in the only way I know." Without another word he wriggled forward until he reached the dance floor. Talei watched helplessly as he stood. Alone in the center of the dance floor, he fired at a dragon strafing the tents along the eastern side of the open space.

The beast turned. Without appearing to aim, it launched a stream of fire at Darth. He didn't even have time to cry out as his body burst into flames. When the blaze subsided only a blackened husk remained. Talei watched in horror as the residue of her childhood friend fell lifeless to the ground.

The dragon hovered over its kill. Talei screamed in terror, and the huge, triangular head turned in her direction. She stared helplessly into the dragon's brilliant green, cat-like eyes. She froze as the maw opened, and waited for the searing heat to destroy her, too. Somewhere in the back of her mind her brain chanted a litany. Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me.

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  1. Nice to know you had a hot and sunny Christmas, Sue. We did too in Oz. Congratulations on your New Year releases. Your Reva's quest sounds like a fun read for children and Dragon Flame for the YA reader sounds dark and dangerous. I like the idea that Talei can commune with a dragon but I'm worried for her trying to survive without Darth. Poor Darth.

  2. Sue, as always, you leave us wanting more! Great post and great reads, darlin'!

  3. I'm already sad about Darth. Enjoyed the blog; lots of excitement. Good luck.
    No snow here in Western NY. If you came to Niagara Falls, you would think you were in the wrong part of the world. Weird winter.
    Emma Lane

  4. Thanks for giving us not one, but two new books to check out. I already have my copy of Reva's Quest.

  5. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. Reva's Quest was fun to write and I hope fun to read. For all who feel sorry for Talei and Darth, don't worry. Talei finds out what real love is further into the book.

  6. I've not been much into dragons until I watched "How to Train (or Tame?) a Dragon" with my nearly-3-year-old grandson (obviously I wasn't paying that close attention if I can't remember the title!). It was cute, and made me rethink my position about dragons. This sounds like a great fun read!


  7. Hi Sue. Love your cover for Dragon Flame! Excellent. I love stories with Dragons. Have always liked them more so than the vampires and zombies of today. Hope Dragons are the new 'in' theme! good luck with the books. Just lovely. I'm still partial to Spirit Stealer though. :-)
    C.K. Volnek