Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Abu Nuwas and Scheherazade Visit Sue Perkins

Setara's Genie is primarily the tale of a young girl not satisfied with the cultural requirements of settling down with a husband (probably rich) and being a good wife and mother. She has other ideas which include adventure, with a possible handsome sheik thrown into the mix for the romance angle of her story.

Things don't go as planned, of course. How else should a decent story be? Conflict, adventure, danger, getting into a scrape and out again, only to replaced by something more.

Abu Nuwas, the Teller of Tales, weaves these tales for the poor spice seller. Like Scheherazade before him, he leaves each tale hanging to entice the spice seller back again the next day. While the coins he collects in his cup are nice, there's nothing a story teller likes more than an audience.

Abu Nuwas visits Sue Perkins today (the 21st day of the eighth month) to lay out his rhyme and reason.

Statue of the real Abu Nuwas,
one of the most important poets of Arabia and Persia.
Sue Perkins writes a variety of genres, primarily YA fantasy. She's in the midst of a new book release, the second book in her Dragon series: Dragon Clans. Give her a little love for her accomplishments when you visit her blog. Read an interview with Essie the dragon right here on this blog.

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