Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Reminder to Comment for Prizes

Note that there will be free copies of Setara's Genie (or winner's choice of my other books) given to selected commenters on each host's site. I'll also be handing out some MuseItUp spending money to a couple of followers.

8/07 Wendy Laharnar - Question and Answer
8/13 J.Q. Rose - Setara Visits J.Q.
8/14 Teen Word Factory - Promo
8/15 On This Blog - Flying Horses
8/17 Penny Ehrenkranz - Question and Answer
8/19 Barbara Ehrentreu - Genies
8/21 Sue Perkins - Abu Nuwas and Scheherazade
8/22 On This Blog - Quick Character: The Camel
8/23 Meradeth Houston - Demonology
8/24 On This Blog - Quick Character: Seralgo the Witch
8/25 Enita Meadows - The Kazikli Bey
8/20-27 Rebecca Ryals Russell - Poseidon and Amphitrite
8/28 On This Blog - Setara's Genie in a Nutshell
8/29 Pat McDermott - Monsters

8/31 Right here on this blog with a wrap party (going live at 10:00AM)

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