Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monsters Visit Pat McDermott

Pat McDermott is taking on monsters from Setara's Genie. Monsters aren't always evil as we all know from the Pixar animated film, "Monsters." But, they can be misunderstood (and often are).

About Pat:

Pat McDermott is a fan of Irish lore. I'd not doubt that at all since her last name begins with Mc (the Irish form) instead of Mac (the Apple form).

Born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts, Pat grew up in a family full of music and myths that have found their way into her stories. She is a member of The New Hampshire Writers' Project, Seacoast Writers' Association, Romance Writers of America, and Celtic Hearts Romance Writers. A frequent visitor to Ireland, she lives and writes in New Hampshire.

Her latest two books in the Roses series are "A Band of Roses" and "Fiery Roses" from MuseItUp Publishing. This is a very neat alternate history story that proposes what Ireland would be like today if Brian Boru (a famous Irish hero king) had not been killed, but had established an on-going Irish royal family.

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  1. How about if Brian Boru meets the Monsters? :-) Thanks for the mention, Marva!


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