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Quick Review - Dragon Flame by Sue Perkins

Note: Sue Perkins visits this blog tomorrow (Aug. 9th) to talk about the next book in the Dragon series.

Dragon FlameDragon Flame by Sue Perkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The colonists go off course and end up on a planet suitable to survive in small communities. Talei is the first child born on the new planet. It's a rough, frontier life, but things have been going well until the dragons come.

On the celebratory ship landing day, Talei watches helplessly as dragons burn her parents and neighbors alive. She and her brother manage to escape the devastation and join up with others who survived. The small band find some caves to hide in and send out scouts to see if the other communities have also been attacked. They have, except for Boon, situated on the western coast. Talei and her friends warn the settlers of the dragon attacks and are laughed at. There is no such thing as dragons after all.

The Boon townsfolk learn differently when they're attacked as well. They, however, have a defense not available to the other towns--the space ship on which they arrived on the planet. It provides a shelter to protect them.

During the attack, Talei makes mental contact with one of the dragons. She soon learns that the dragons are not at fault, but are being forced to attack the human colonies by an alien race called the Pundras. With that knowledge, Talei leads a small group to the western continent--the home of the dragons--to help the dragons overcome the Pundra slavers.

Any more and I'd have to hide this review for spoilers.

Talei and Adri are likable, brave, and worthy. The dragons turn out to be noble and willing to partner with the humans to help both races survive.

This is a wonderful adventure story. Dragons and aliens are a great combination, and Sue Perkins does a good job combining the fantasy with the scifi. The second book in the series, Dragon Clans, is already available and I'm going to get my copy soon.

Great, fun read. I recommend the book (and most likely the entire series) to all the YA fantasy/sf readers who like an inventive and gripping adventure story.

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