Monday, August 13, 2012

J.Q. Rose Hosts the Star - Setara

J.Q. Rose writes mysteries, so it's a mystery of why she'd want to play hostess to an adventurous girl from a middle-eastern fantasy named Setara. On the other hand, who doesn't like genies, demons, flying horses, and other creatures straight out of the 1001 Arabian Nights. Let's just call this 1002 Arabian Nights (there's actually seven tales) and let you decide. Can a girl and her genie get into and out of mischief? I think the answer is obvious: OF COURSE THEY CAN!

Click on over to J.Q.'s blog to read what Setara has to say. Leave a comment with contact info to win a free ebook.

1 comment:

  1. Setara really was a star on my blog. Enjoyed learning all about her and the stories and that her name means star. Best wishes!